Training Workshops


Russ Jackson Photography offers training to photographers of all levels. Russ has previously hosted masterclasses for Newborn Photography Ltd and at the annual Newborn Baby Show in 2015. Russ also was a speaker at the 2016 international Baby Summit in Atlanta and the Baby Summit 2017 in Brisbane Australia. Russ was also the main speaker at the FHOX photographic symposium 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Ongoing training is a must for all newborn photographers, especially those who are looking at starting a career in newborn photography. Our newborn portfolio would not be where it is today without the thousands of pounds we have invested in training over the past seven years and we still have a few training courses we would love to attend on our wish list. 

Newborn photography is very rewarding and can be a very lucrative business, however it is completely different to any other from of portrait photography and is very specialised. We can teach you what is needed to help you succeed. Our workshops and mentoring days are very relaxed, practically oriented and group sizes are kept small to ensure a great learning experience. 

Our one day posing workshops and two day intensive workshops cater for a maximum of 8 photographers creating a much more relaxed learning environment and ensures you get the most out of the day. 

Personal mentoring (1:1) days cater to your specific needs no matter where you are in your photographic journey. Whether its learning how to master your DSLR or how to creatively light newborns with flash, we can work out a day that gives you the maximum return on your investment.  

On both group workshops and personal mentoring days we will have two models attend so there will be plenty of opportunities to photograph babies with Russ's guidence. 

We also cover many aspects about running your own business sucessfully. From marketing and pricing to developing your own style and brand, Russ will cover some key aspects that need to be understood in order to run a thriving photography business. 

Here is a rough breakdown of our one day posing workshop

Camera settings and introduction to studio lighting for newborn photography. 

Preparing baby and managing parent’s expectations. 

Settling techniques. 

Flow posing. 


Wrapping techniques. 

Get the light right. 

Best camera angles. 

Photographing babies in props. 

Parent posing. 

Post production using Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Our two day intensive workshops cover everything that is listed above on the first day and then day 2 includes the following: 

Recap of day one. 

Creating your style and developing your brand. 




Customer Service. 

Advise on purchasing equipment. 

Questions and Answers. 

All of our workshops and 1:1 mentoring sessions include lunch, a fantastic goodie bag including discount codes with our favourite vendors and membership to Russ's Facebook support group. 

Please note that I do not teach the 'froggy pose' in any of my workshops or 1:1 mentoring days. 


1 day posing workshop: £700 each 

2 day intensive workshop £1000 each 

Personal mentoring day: £1500 per day 

Upcoming group workshops


London - 1 day posing workshop 12th October 2017 (sold out) 

Please call us if you are interested in a personal mentoring day (or fill out an enquiry form here). We can have a chat about what you would like to achieve from your training day and work out a date that suits us both. 

If you have a studio and are intersted in hosting a group workshop please get in touch. We are always looking to bring our training to new parts of the world.  

Here is some feedback that we have had from our previous attendees: 

Really enjoyed my training with Russ Jackson. He is full of information and happy to share his knowledge and expertise with you. Already working as a Newborn Photographer, I felt inspired to try new things and shoot in different ways using my light source. I am excited to try with my next client! I learnt lots of new things which will only improve my work flow and hopefully quality of work! Maybe one day I might be as good as Russ himself! He really is brilliant as his attention to detail. I can’t recommend enough, I have done a few Newborn courses and loved this one the best. Thank you. 

He should have 6 stars not 5! 

Rebecca Fitch 

I had the pleasure of attending Russ’ newborn workshop. He’s extremely professional and willing to share his knowledge and experience. The workshop exceeded all my expectations. 

I cannot recomend Russ’ workshop enough. I’m very happy with all the knowledge and tips, especially with lightening, baby safety and flow posing. 

I left the workshop full of inspiration and knowledge to start my own business. 

Anyela Lee 

Highly recommend training with Russ wether you’re a beginner or a pro. His training took my newborn photograohy to a whole new level. I’m producing higher quality work, gaining more business and essentially making more money. The training was an investment and worth its weight in gold. Danya Gray 

I’ve trained with Russ 4 times now and I’ll be back for more training next year I’m sure. His work is sublime and he shares everything. I have learnt so much in each training session and think my work has improved no end as a result. Highly recommended! 

Alison McKenny 

I had the privilege of attending one of Russ Jackson’s newborn workshops. I found workshops extremely interesting and helpful. During the workshops Russ was open and willing to share his experiences. I was given a lot of tips and atmosphere was amazing! I spent great day with him and three other photographers. Highly recommended! 

Monika Czernecka 

I had newborn training with Russ last December. The training was very interesting, Russ shared with us his knowledge, experience and tips about newborns, posing and lighting. Russ is amazing photographer and teacher. I’ve spend wonderfull day with Russ and three other photographers! Money well spent, definitely would recommend! 

Malgorzata Gancarz 

Russ is a fantastic teacher and a great photographer. He answered al questions and gave us loads of great advice and his own experiences. Was a great to meet other photographers who have the same hang ups as me and Russ put us all at ease and gave us great support. I will definitely do another training day with him and once I have practiced more I will be doing a one to one training with him to make use I am keeping on track. Highly recommended. 

Arienne Jonas 

I recently attended one of Russ Jacksons newborn workshop. It was fantastic. I’ve been working at and improving my photography skills with the aim of becoming a newborn photographer and wanted to learn how to pose babies and needed some business advice. Russ showed us all his little tricks to sooth and relax babies and how to pose them in such a lovely gentle way. Doing the workshop and listening to all Russ advice has really boosted my confidence. Russ is very patient and will answer all your questions and more. The one day workshop really was worth the money and time spent and I most certainly will attend more of Russ courses in the future. 

Ann-Marie Sackfield 

An excellent day, I’d highly recommend it. Not only do I feel ready to tackle the world of newborn photography but it also left me thinking about how I run my business and what I can to to make it more successful. Thank you Russ for a great day. 

Sally Parkinson 

I attended a training workshop at Russ’ studio earlier in the week, and I cannot recommend him enough. Such a talented photographer, full of knowledge and experience, totally down to earth, great host and gave off such a relaxed feeling to the day. He gave us so much information to take away- things I wouldn’t have even thought about. What I also really appreciate, is that he’s willing to help and support us, even after the workshop. I’ve needed some advice with regards to lighting, and he was more than willing to send me an email with his recommendations. Definitely an investment, and worth every penny. I know i’ll be back to train with him again in the future! 

Jessica Evans 

I have attended quite a few photography training courses and this has by far been the most valuable training i have attended. Russ was open to sharing all his knowledge and experience with the team without any hesitation. I am very new to new born photography (this was my first training in new born) and the group had a wide range of experience but this didn’t stop Russ from starting from the very basics and working his way through the levels. We all have opportunities to take some images of the babies during the training, but the babies would always control the time we had with them :). would recommend this training to anyone looking to enhance their skills. Look forward to booking a one to one session in the future. 

Payal Shah